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About Arts Engagement


The Arts Engagement Certificate provides students from any major with an introductory exploration of the arts.  Art areas encompassed by this certificate include architecture, creative writing, dance, design, film, history of art, music, theatre, visual art, and multidisciplinary art forms.

While completing this program, students will receive broad exposure to the arts and learn how to respond articulately to the arts through coursework, hands-on experience, art event attendance, and reflection. This certificate encourages all students to explore new art forms and make connections between the arts, their own academic disciplines, and the ways in which the arts enrich our society. 

The Arts Engagement Certification is one of seven other Experiential Learning Certificates offered at The University of Kansas to support student learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom.

What kinds of students participate?

The Arts Engagement Certification is open to students in any major.  Through introductory coursework and resources on our website, students will be given the tools needed to meaningfully engage with various types of artwork.  The only requirement is that the student is an undergraduate at KU.  Whether they are psychology majors with no previous experience in the arts, business majors who want to reconnect with an earlier passion for painting, or film majors who want to broaden their arts education, any student can participate in this certification!

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