No experience required, just curiosity.

Participatory-Long Term

Select this option if you had a substantial arts experience (at least 48 contact hours) like a semester long studio class, internship, etc.

All event attendance reflections need to be submitted through myKU Portal! Save your work frequently or back up reflections in a word document.

This reflection should be approximately 600 words. Since there are many ways to complete a long-term arts experience, the reflection questions are fairly general.  Please let us know if you'd like a few more writing prompts specific to your arts experience. 

The following information will need to be provided when you submit the reflection.

  • Art Event Category 
  • Describe your participation by answering these questions: 
  • Where did this experience take place?
  • What did you do during this experience?
  • What have you learned from participating in this experience? 
  • How could you apply what you learned to your career, major, or other endeavors? Explain.
  • Please upload an artifact from your experience. This can be photo documentation of a project with descriptions, video, content that you produced during an internship, a final reflection that was required to complete a class, etc. (5 MB maximum file size). If your artifact is larger than 5 MB , you will also have the option to provide a link to Google drive, dropbox, etc.

Certificate Completion Information

Blue stopwatch. Link to certificate graduation information.

Finishing your certificate soon? Plan ahead!  

Summer 2018 application for graduation deadline: Monday, July 16

Fall 2018 application for graduation deadline: Thursday, November 1

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