No experience required, just curiosity.

I am registered for Arts Engagement!

What are my next steps?

Read on for some next steps to take after registering for Arts Engagement (AE).

Complete the AE “Pre-Certificate Questionnaire”
  • Log in to myKU portal.
  • Find your Arts Engagement record by selecting the “Undergraduate Certificates” link under the “Academics” tab.
  • Complete the AE “Pre-Certificate Questionnaire". It will take you 3-5 minutes to fill out. If you have already been involved with AE, please do your best to think about yourself and experiences before you started the program. These responses will continue to help us improve this program.
Check your classes
  • From myKU Portal, check your Degree Progress Report (DPR). There is a link to your DPR from your main AE record page.
  • Load your DRP. Select the "UCRT" tab in your DPR to see your progress toward certificate completion.
  • Make sure any arts classes you plan to have count toward the AE certificate are showing up in the DPR. A few things to remember:

    1. Petitioned classes do not show up automatically in your DPR (i.e. an American Studies class you took cross listed as a Film and Media Studies class may not show up).

    2. If you have had a class petition already approved, please e-mail with the course name and number of your petitioned class.
    We will work to get the class added as soon as possible to your DPR.

    3. If you have a new petition to make, you can submit it through the online petition form.

    4. A grand total of 6 credit hours are needed to finish the AE certificate. Those hours need to come from at least 2 different arts areas (i.e. dance and creative writing).
Experience the arts and write reflections
  • All reflections and supporting materials are now submitted through myKU portal.
  • Check out the arts calendar for more information about attending events. 
  • Please view writing guidelines for events before turning in your first reflection.
  • You can access reflection tips, event reflection prompts, and final reflection questions from the AE website so you know what to expect.

Be aware that myKU Portal will automatically log you out after 30 minutes! It is strongly recommended that you back up any reflections you are writing in a Word document.









The Tube Staircase,1929
Cyril Edward Power (1872–1951)
Color linocut,Spencer Museum purchase:Elmer F. Pierson Fund
and Letha Churchill Walker Memorial Art Fund, 1996.0038

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