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Architecture Classes

ARCH 103 Introduction to Architecture
An introduction to the study and practice of architecture. This course aims at orienting the student to the various disciplinary facets which make up the total architectural curriculum as well as to the various professional roles which architects can be expected to perform. Architectural study is seen as both an art and a science, and architectural practice is seen as a complex, interdisciplinary professional activity. Students taking this course must bring a lap top computer to class. LEC.
Fall 2018
Type Time/Place and Instructor Credit Hours Class #
LEC Colistra, Joe
TuTh 04:00-05:15 PM WES 3139 - LAWRENCE
3 10219

ARCH 540 Global History of Architecture I: Origins to Industrial Revolution (3500 BCE-1700 CE)
The first unit of the two-part survey history course explores the historical changes of architecture in relation to civilizational change, techno-spatial experiments and town-building efforts, from the earliest evidence of human dwelling to the beginning of the industrial revolution. Emphasis is on the architecture as an integrated development of commercial, technological, and ideological transferences among different regions, nascent religious groups and evolving political enterprises. In regard to the geographical and geopolitical regions, the course includes South and Central America, Europe, Classical Greece and Italy, Asia Minor, North Africa and Asia. LEC.
Fall 2018
Type Time/Place and Instructor Credit Hours Class #
LEC Karim, Farhan
TuTh 02:30-03:45 PM ST 330 - LAWRENCE
3 21200

ARCH 541 Global History of Architecture II: From Industrial Revolution to Present (1700 CE-Present)
The second unit of study of the two-part survey history course offers a global perspective of the development of modern architecture from the industrial revolution to contemporary times. This course traces the genealogy of modern architecture to its multiple roots in European enlightenment, global dissemination of industrial knowledge, invention of new building materials and techniques, and development of architectural theory. Emphasis is on the historical context of how the diverse approaches of architects from different regions create variations of formal expressions, spatial program and theoretical underpinning, and thus create multiple meanings and images of modern architecture. Prerequisite: ARCH 340 or ARCH 540 or ARCH 640 or consent of instructor. LEC.

The class is not offered for the Fall 2018 semester.

ARCH 542 History of Architecture III: Modern
A continuation of ARCH 541, History of Architecture II, covers the period from around 1800 to the present. Particular emphasis is placed on the major cultural shifts that have impacted architectural representation and have contributed to its differentiation as Modern, not only in Europe, North and South America but also with examples in India and Pakistan. Weekly lectures and readings including original sources. Supplementary readings and/or assignments may be assigned. Prerequisite: ARCH 341 or ARCH 541 or ARCH 641 or consent of instructor. LEC.

The class is not offered for the Fall 2018 semester.

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