No experience required, just curiosity.

Event Reflection

All event attendance reflections need to be submitted through myKU Portal

You can still preview the reflection questions from this section of the website.

MyKU Portal will automatically time you out after 30 minutes! Please make sure you have your work saved in a Word document! 

Please e-mail with questions. 

Q. I see a couple of reflection options listed in the Art Engagement Portal. Which reflection option should I pick?
A. Select the reflection option that best fits you experience:
  • Select “Event Attendance” if you went to an arts event like a theatre performance or a visual art exhibition.
  • Select "Event Attendance-Upload Class Assignment" if you attended an event as part of a class that required a written reflection.
  • Select “Participatory-Short Term” if you had a hands-on arts experience like a one-day workshop on filmmaking.
  • Select “Participatory-Long Term” if you had a semester-long arts experience like a semester long studio class, internship, etc.
Q. I went to an arts event as a class assignment and turned in a reflection to my professor. Can I turn in the same reflection to Arts Engagement?
A. Yes! You can submit the reflection you turned in for class instead of filling out the arts engagement reflection form.
Q. How long should my event reflection be?
A. Between 300-400 words. See this page for details... 
Q. How long should participatory event reflection be?
A. Between 300-400 words for short term participatory experience and at least 600 words for a semester long experience

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