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Dance Classes

DANC 330 Approaches to World Dance
This course examines dance forms from throughout the world and how they relate to the times and cultures in which they evolved. Dance forms such as African, East Indian classical, European court dance, ballet, modern, and jazz will be studied through readings, master classes, live performances, videotapes, and films. Prerequisite: 200-level English course. LEC.
Fall 2018
Type Time/Place and Instructor Credit Hours Class #
LEC Hayes, Michelle
MW 11:00-12:15 PM ROB 156 - LAWRENCE
3 28677

DANC 440 Introduction to Classical East Indian Dance
Classical East Indian dance has an extensive movement vocabulary that emphasizes the coordination of rhythmic foot patterns with intricate hand gestures. Students will learn the mudras (hand gestures) and their significance and integration within each dance. Readings will include excerpts from the Natya Sastra and other treatises of East Indian dance and culture. LEC.

The class is not offered for the Fall 2018 semester.

DANC 460 Dance History: Research and Reconstruction
Through research and reconstruction, students will examine major topics in dance history, such as the meaning and function of dance in pre-industrial societies, communal and court dance in Europe from the 14th to the19th centuries, and the transformation and development of dance as a theatre art in the modern world. Texts by dance historians and treatises by dancing masters will be supplemented by readings from fields, such as anthropology, philosophy, art history, and literature, that indicate the different ways of approaching the history of dance. LEC.

The class is not offered for the Fall 2018 semester.


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