No experience required, just curiosity.

All event attendance reflections need to be submitted through myKU Portal! Save your work frequently or back up reflections in a word document.

Preview all the information and questions you will need to provide in an event reflection.
  • Event category, name, date, location
  • Event Preparation: List a few things about the artist, author, speaker, etc. that you learned before attending the event and cite source(s) of information. (Optional but recommended if you are unfamiliar with the art form)li>
  • What kind of art did you encounter? + What Happened at the event? (write at least 100 between the 2 questions)
  • Identify some of the themes or key ideas present at this event. Give examples based on your observations to support your conclusions. (write at least 100 words)
  • Can you think of alternate interpretations of this event? If so, what are they?: (optional)
  • Answer the most relevant question in a couple of well-written sentences:
    + Did your prior investigation of this art event make it a more meaningful experience? Explain.
    + If you did not engage in a prior investigation, what would have been helpful/useful for better understanding the event?
    + How did a previous arts experience (event, class, etc.) help you better understand or engage with this experience?
  • Connect this event to one or more of the following categories: yourself, historical or current socio-political issues, a class you have taken, other art you have experienced: (write at least 100 words)
  • Art can often leave us with more questions than answers. Write one question you have after attending this event. (optional)

Art can be complex and multifaceted and the kinds of experiences you have can differ depending on whether you are attending a play, dance, music recital, lecture, film screening or exhibition.  The questions below are general prompts to help you think though your experiences.   Please answer each required section (describing, interpreting, and making connections) by writing at least 100 words. Remember that reflections are due within two weeks of attending an event.

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